Dr Lincoln Garland on Peregrine Falcons and Birdlife in Urban Environments


Associate director, Dr Lincoln Garland, has just had a new article published in the Spring/Summer 2022 edition of 'Peregrine' magazine.  In it, Lincoln discusses the abundance of birds and variety of species that can be found in urban environments such as along the River Avon in Bath.  This includes Peregrine Falcons nesting on the steeple of the city's St John the Evangelist Church.

'Peregrine' is the magazine of the Hawk and Owl Trust which is dedicated to conserving owls and birds of prey in the wild.

Mike Wells on Plants in Urban Design


Director Dr Mike Wells RDI just contributed a thought piece to an important round table in relation to how we procure and use plants in urban design. You can find his contribution along with that of several other experts from around the globe at the following link to The Nature of Cities website: https://www.thenatureofcities.com/2022/03/21/can-we-enable-better-decision-making-when-it-comes-to-urban-plant-selection-and-preparation-does-urban-ecology-and-the-horticulture-industry-need-to-be-better-engaged-with-each-other/