Lincoln Garland & Mike Wells June 2018

Defining the West of England - Land of Limestone and Levels

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Dr Mike Wells September 2017

A Biophilic Haven by the Thames, London, UK

Dr Mike Wells was recently published in the Biophilic Cities Journal, with his article on the Wandsworth Riverside Quarter, London, which discusses all of the biophilic design aspects of the development.

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Dr Lincoln Garland 28th August 2017

Defining the West of England's Genius Loci: 'Land of Limestone and Levels' to Lateral Thinking

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Dr Lincoln Garland & Dr Mike Wells 23rd August 2017

Rainforest to Reef: A Landscape-scale Approach to Coastal Ecotourism in Malaysia

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Dr Lincoln Garland 2016

The Case for High-Density Compact Cities

Garland, L. (2016).  The Case for High-Density Compact Cities. Ecology and Environmental Management In Practice. 92: 32-35.

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Dr. Lincoln Gardland 2016

The Vale of Windscombe: an unsung natural treasure

In: Mendip Times (June 2016) Volume 12, Issue 1: pp. 48-49.

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Dr Mike Wells 2011

‘Biodiverse Urban Design in Theory and Practice’

Keynote Lecture given at the Hans and Richard Strauss Symposium on ‘Architectural Responses to Urban Ecology’ at Cornell, Ithaca, USA.

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Biodiversity by Design & Ken Yeang. 2011

Designing for Biodiversity Productivity and Profit.

Guidance in the British Council for Offices Sustainability Series. BCO. London.

Wells, M.J., Timmer, F. & Carr, A. 2011

Understanding Drivers and Setting Targets for Biodiversity in Urban Green Design.

In: Green Design from Theory to Practice. Blackdog Publishing with Wordsearch, London.

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Wells, M. J. 2010

Renaissance Thinking for Sustainable Landscapes.

Filmed lecture given as Part of the Sustainable Landscape Series of The University of Gloucester's Innovation for Sustainable Living Programme. Web-published.

Wells, M.J. & Yeang, K. 2010

Biodiversity Targets as the Basis for Green Design.

In: M. Colletti (Ed.) Exuberance: New Virtuosity in Contemporary Architecture.

pp. 130-133. Architectural Design, London.

Garland, L. & Wells, M.J. 2009

Could Conservation Credits Threaten Ecourbanism?

Ecology and Environmental Management, In Practice. 66:28-31.

Garland, L. & Markham S. 2008

Is important bat foraging and commuting habitat legally protected?

In: Mammal News Spring 2008, Pp. 15-16.

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Garland, L., and Markham, S. 2007

Is important bat foraging and commuting habitat legally protected?

In: Bat Conservation Trust Website

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Luszczak, M. & Wells, M.J. 2006

When Green Isn't Necessarily Green.

Gateway (Autumn 2006): 7-72.

Luszczak, M. & Wells, M.J. 2006

Integrating Landscape and Eco-infrastructure in the Thames Gateway Ten Principles and Several Visions.

 Paper Delivered to the 2006 Thames Gateway Forum.

Wells, M.J. & Grant, G. 2006

Biodiverse Vegetated Architecture Worldwide: Status, Research and Advances.

In: E. Williams (Ed.) 2006: Proceedings of the 22nd Conference of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. Sustainable New Housing and Major Developments - Rising to the Ecological Challenges. Bournemouth 2005. pp. 82-95. IEEM, Winchester.

Wells, M.J. & Colclough, S. 2006

Ecologically Designed Intertidal Flood Defences in a Key Area of Urban Regeneration: Multiple Benefits and Lessons Learned.

 Paper presented at The River Restoration Centre 7th Annual Network Conference 2006. Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

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Will Planning Policy Statement 9 Contribute to the Achievement of Truly Sustainable Development?

Ecology and Environmental Management, In Practice, 51:1-7.

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Ecologically-Led Landscape Design in Brownfield Regeneration Projects.

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A Capital Investment: Innovation in Habitat Creation on the Tidal Thames.

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Rarity on the Roof? Finding Partial Solutions to Challenges of Brownfield Site Development.

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Making a Difference: the Ecological Consultant and Sustainable Development.

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