Lecturing & Training

We find that significant gaps remain in the knowledge and comprehension of green design and development issues amongst the various built environment professions. Problems vary from a lack of understanding between disciplines, to professional prejudice, to fundamental differences in concepts and approaches. We have a rolling programme of presentations and lectures and seminars in various academic institutions, design practices and local authorities/government agencies around the world. We try to explain and illustrate the application of the ecologically-informed approaches to site appraisal, design and aftercare; and how these can add significant new economic value. We are always ready to offer Continuing Professional Development lectures or organise and lead green design seminars or workshops.


Biodiversity by Design was founded partly out of the awareness that there are insufficient existing examples of high quality ecomasterplanning and design in the UK and in many parts of the world. We believe that there remains a pressing need to create better and more functional examples that can 'show the way'. For this reason we try to publish accounts both of our design philosophy and of the projects which are the best manifestations of it.
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Ecological Policy, Standards & Guidance

From its foundation, Biodiversity by Design set out to be a practice that would do more than merely ensuring compliance, but would inform policy and set standards in ecological work. For example we have served on an advice panel for the sovereign wealth fund Khazanah in Malaysia and on the All Party Parliamentary Committee on Biodiversity in the UK, helping to shape policy on the environment and biodiversity in relation to development. We have contributed to the development of ecological standards and guidance by the UK Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and the UK Building Research Establishment. We have also contributed to the production of industry and third sector guidance on design for green infrastructure and biodiversity supporting the work e.g. of the UK Town and Country Planning Association, The British Council for Offices and the UK Wildlife Trusts.


Expert Witness

We believe that if we have researched, designed and promoted a development project then we should fully believe in its ecological credentials and be able to defend it. We can provide an expert witness service as required for schemes and have a 100% success rate at Inquiry on schemes varying from windfarms to housing developments.