South Hudayriat Islands Landscape & Biodiversity Strategy

We formed part of a multidisciplinary team commissioned to develop a sustainable urban design and landscape masterplan for a substantial new archipelago based around the island of Hudayriat, just off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

Given the existing sensitive marine environment, the project aim was to create a new ecologically informed urban quarter which would operate in harmony with, and celebrate, the rich marine and coastal biodiversity.

Design objectives included the development of environmental resilience and flexibility in the face of likely changes due to global warming, including sea level rise, with the intention of simultaneously educating and inspiring the public to the value of native biodiversity and the need for good environmental stewardship.

We provided detailed advice on several UAE flagship habitats and species to be protected and enhanced, including areas of mangrove, coral reef, saltmarsh and seagrass, with target species including Dugongs, Green Turtles and waterfowl.

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