King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (Ka-Care)

In 2010 we formed part of a multidisciplinary team led by Llewellyn Davies Yeang to masterplan phase 1 of the King Abdullah City for Atomic Energy in Saudi Arabia as part of an international paid competition. As well as enabling the Kingdom to become a world leader in sustainable energy technologies a key project aim related to other aspects of sustainability.

‘KA-CARE will strive to promote a new lifestyle that shows that sustainability is easy and beneficial. People are encouraged to think differently about the food they eat, goods they buy, modes of transport they use, and spaces they inhabit. In short, families in KA-CARE pursue a high quality of life based on sustainable and environmentally friendly concepts’.

We contributed extensive information and ideas on landsdcape creation, sustainable water management and sustainable food production to the bid. We also contributed elements to the ecomasterplanning process using Ken Yeang’s patented EcoMasterplan Assessment Tool (EmAT).

We also produced a matrix of proposed habitats against predicted colonising fauna. This is one of Biodiversity by Design signature approaches to ecomasterplanning.

Design Team Leader
Lewellyn Davies Yeang

Lewellyn Davies Yeang

Civil Engineer
Buro Happold

Middle East & Africa