Brighton Marina Regeneration

We assisted in the planning and design of new residential and retail development at Brighton Marina, Sussex, UK. The proposal was for over 1 million square feet of residential, and a further 250,000 of retail development. A key marketing ambition was to promote the scheme in the context of an 'eco-marina' - seeking a net gain in biodiversity and increasing local appeal and environmental awareness.

Biodiversity by Design advised on the ecological aspects of the project. We undertook or co-ordinated detailed terrestrial and marine surveys, and provided all ecological inputs to the Environmental Impact Assessment and Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment.

Our work included full field surveys of higher and lower plants, terrestrial invertebrates, marine invertebrates, and bats. We assessed the possible effects on biodiversity of aquatic emissions and shading from buildings. Key potential receptors included sea horses, chalk cliff flora and fauna and vegetated shingle beach communities of high local value for biodiversity within designated second-tier nature conservation sites.

We proposed innovative habitat creation measures to encourage aquatic life in the marina along moorings; and coastal plants, invertebrates, birds and bats on biodiverse living roofs. We provided the ecological design inputs to a new significant shallow freshwater pool and cliffside garden proposal; showcasing important flora and flora of the local area.

Allies and Morrison

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Ex'plore Living

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Battle McCarthy

Allies and Morrison

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Battle McCarthy