Bonds Cay Resort Development, Bahamas

Working with the renowned landscape practice Field Operations of New York City USA, we investigated the potential for ecotourism on Bonds Cay, an uninhabited island in the Bahamas, working on behalf of a consortium that included various celebrities with interest in ecological matters and sustainable investment.

As a part of this work,we reviewed existing ecological conditions and associated ecosystem services, as well as current natural and anthropogenic influences.

With this information we produced development guidance rules and recommendations for protecting and nurturing natural assets, which included specific advice on:
- Protection of critical (effectively irreplaceable) natural capital;
- Buffer zones for different resources and processes;
- Habitat restoration zones; and
- Habitat management.

The key informing principles that we established was one of minimising built footprints and undertaking habitat enhancements to achieve no net loss of ecological assets of functionality of the Cay.

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