eCo @ Bedok Housing Development

A project brief was established by the Far East Organisation for a 2.8 ha development plot in the town of Bedok in eastern Singapore to create an exemplary, innovative and ecologically-informed high-density housing development (ca. 750 housing units and some retail).

Working with the internationally renowned eco-architect Ken Yeang and Singapore-based DP Architects and ICN Design Landscape Architects, we advised on all ecological design aspects of the project.

Our aim was to achieve the most multi-functional biodiverse environment possible within the context of a viable residential scheme. Proposed design elements had to address not only the usual challenges of urban greening and management of urban soft estate, but also emerging policies on biodiversity, water conservation, global warming and social cohesion.

We first undertook a detailed analysis of the biodiversity of the site and its ecologically relevant context. Informed by this and an assessment of the potential for colonisation of the redeveloped site by native fauna, we gave detailed advice on: the form and composition of vegetation on buildings, planting to maximise multifunctionality and value to fauna, linkages to surrounding habitats, control of vectors such as mosquitoes, ecologically informed water management (fully in line with the Singapore ABC Water Design Guidelines) and on marketing the scheme's ecological credentials. Our inputs were designed to help fulfil the criteria set out in the Singapore Cities’ Index for Biodiversity which emphasises delivery of ecosystem services through urban greening.

Amongst our key ideas and proposals were the creation of a forest floor groundflora community under existing canopy, installation of artificial refuges for urban owls, incorporation of a flowing stream habitat through the centre of the site mimicking a wooded ravine, and scattered vegetation islands designed as foraging habitats for butterfly larvae.

We produced detailed matrices predicting the use of each of sub-area of the site by different target faunal species as a metric against which the success of the scheme in terms of biodiversity could be monitored.

Ultimate Client
Far East Organisation

Proximate Client
TR Hamzah & Yeang Sdn Bhd

Design Team Leader
DP Architects

DP Architects with T. R. Hamzah & Yeang

Landscape Architect
T. R. Hamzah & Yeang with ICN Design


Site Area
Less than 10 hectares

Singapore Green Mark Gold Plus’s People Choice Award: 'Property with the Most Votes' Savia Gaia Award (Best Eco-Friendly Condominium)’s People Choice Award: 'Saving Gaia Award (Best Eco-Friendly Condominium)'