Ecological Survey

By combining in-house expertise with a global network of affiliated specialists, we can undertake or coordinate most ecological surveys that may be required to inform projects and meet planning requirements around the world. We advise on the scope, timing and methods of surveys required in keeping with current best practice standards. We employ or adapt UK approaches and standards to work outside the UK, wherever local ecological survey and assessment standards either do not exist or are less rigorous.

Ecological Impact Assessment

Biodiversity by Design has a positive approach to environmental planning. Our expertise in incorporating the protection and enhancement of biodiversity and ecosystem services into the design intent as a fundamental part of the development scheme greatly reduces the scope and content of ecological mitigation sections of Environmental Impact Assessments, making the long-term survival and maintenance of habitats far more credible and reassuring to planning authorities. Biodiversity by Design also advises on approaches to Ecological Mitigation Banking and Biodiversity Offsetting and was one of the first companies in the UK to train other consultancies in the use of the Guidelines on Ecological Impact Assessment published under the auspices of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.

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Habitats Regulations Assessment

We can advise on Habitat Regulations Assessments in the UK and mainland Europe, assessing the full range of potential effects of developments on the integrity of Natura 2000 sites (Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas). Staff have produced Statements to Inform Appropriate Assessments in relation to impacts on riverine, coastal, heathland, grassland, and woodland habitats within such sites. We keep informed of emerging case law in this area and are often able to avoid the need for full Appropriate Assessment under the regulations. To do this we work with developers to scope out likely significant effects through agreeing credible commitments to mitigation as inherent to project design.

Protected Species Licensing

Biodiversity by Design is able to assist with all European (and other) protected species licensing issues, scoping the requirements for survey cost-effectively, and address the protection of favourable species and habitat conservation status through inventive, but robust, proposals for habitat creation and enhancement. We quite often succeed in this regard where others have failed. Where possible, we seek to publish results of successful mitigation and enhancement for protected species that has been implemented under licence.